What's the deal with bone broth?


Collagen ✔️good for arthritis + joint pain, healthy skin + hair, and a healthy digestive tract.

Amino acids ✔️( glycine, glucosamine, glutamine) influence total body wellness.

Glycine, specifically, aids in digestion, particularly breaking down fats + improving the work of the pancreas and gallbladder.

Glucosamine is awesome for arthritis + joint issues, and it's more naturally absorbed from food sources.

Glutamine is key for gut health because it helps repair the lining of the small intestine.

And it's a non-negotiable in my daily diet.

I use locally sourced bones from Green Fields Farm for the biggest impact on my health. They provide grass-fed cattle + collagen-rich bones like the neck, feet + femur - lending a rich, dense gelatinous finish.