Kitchen Clean Out

Building a healthy pantry is step one in changing your eating habits for the better. If you have junk in your house, you will eat junk, so make plans to replace it with healthy food items. Get rid of the stuff that makes you sick and promise yourself to not buy it again. Then restock your kitchen with clean foods and sustainable products that nourish your body and mind.

 Not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions of must go items:

  • Does it contain partially hydrogenated oil? Trash it.
  • Does it list sugar as the first or second ingredient? Trash it.
  •  Do the ingredients sound like they should be in a science project? Let it go.
  • Are there food dyes listed? Trash.

Now that you have removed toxic culprits, it’s time to grocery shop and replenish. Here are non-negotiable rules when it comes to filling your grocery cart:


Stay away from canned and packaged foods that contain ingredients such as sugar, oil, sugar substitutes, nitrates or GMOs.


If you have grain in your diet, choose whole foods that are naturally gluten free such as quinoa, rice, amaranth and buckwheat.


Always buy beans and lentils dry or frozen instead of in cans.


Avoid vegetable and refined oils. Look for avocado or unrefined coconut oil. Olive oil should be first cold pressed.


For nuts and seeds, choose sprouted and raw. The bulk aisle is your best friend when it comes to options. Stay away from roasted and seasoned items. Instead create your own mix.


Eggs should be pasture raised, soy free and organic. Look for the Humanely Raised stamp.


Dairy should be avoided unless full fat and organic. Experiment with coconut or almond milks, just watch for sugar content.


Always choose grass fed, kosher and organic beef, lamb, poultry and game. Hormone free and pasture raised will always be a better option than soy fed. 


When looking at seafood, ask for low mercury suggestions. Previously frozen is fine. Choose line caught or at the very least wild grown. Farm raised fish are not a clean option.


Purchasing these items from your local farmer’s market is the best option. If shopping in a grocery store, choose organic for anything you would eat with the skin on. Particularly those on the Dirty Dozen* list, including peaches, apples, kale, hot peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, celery, spinach, snap peas and cucumbers.

Eliminating toxic foods and replacing them with whole, unprocessed choices will feed your brain, keep you satiated and optimize energy levels. The cleaner you eat, the more you will reap the rewards. When the body is fueled with natural foods it becomes an efficient, fat burning machine. Clean out that kitchen and start fresh by eating the way you were created to.