Keep It Clean


3 ways you can stay on track with a clean, higher fat lifestyle:

1. Choose high quality ingredients. Unprocessed  food is delicious, and if you purchase high quality, you don't have to doctor it up too much. You can get away with salt and pepper alone on a nice cut of steak!

2. Limit the ingredients you use in a meal. The more ingredients you add, the quicker the carb count adds up. Your meals don't need to have a bazillion ingredients, take hours of your time to make, or require obscure ingredients that are difficult to find at your local grocery store. Just keep it clean and simple.

3. You don't have to fatty-fy all of your favorite junk food dishes to eat a higher fat diet. For example, going gluten free doesn't mean you replace all your gluten products with non-gluten processed items. Instead focus on the source: pastured dairy and eggs, grass fed + finished meats, organic produce + veggies.

Have more questions? Just reach out!