1. Once a week I make this all natural body scrub and use it head to toe in the shower. It’s super simple and completely energizes my skin!

Recipe: 4 activated charcoal tablets, ½ cup ground espresso beans, ¼ cup Himalayan salt, ½ cup warm water.

Open the charcoal capsules and combine ingredients. Careful..it gets a bit messy. Turn the shower on hot so it steams up, step in and scrub your body (yes, I do my face too). Leave the scrub on for about 1 minute, then turn the shower water to a cooler temp and rinse.

Get the activated charcoal I use here: ACTIVATED CHARCOAL



2. Our family would live barefoot if we could, so when Xero Shoes launched their new trainer, the Prio, it was a no-brainer for us. Matthew and I have loved these lightweight, ground hugging shoes. Quantities are limited so grab them while you can! 


3. This one’s for the mama bears. Grab your box of tissue: PARENTING MANIFESTO 



4. This week I tried my hands at a 48 hour water fast. Loved using the Core Hydration 30 oz. bottle to keep on track! The perfect pH of 7.4 makes it just the right amount of electrolytes and minerals your body needs. CORE HYDRATION


5. Looking for an easy way to track your health data? Cronometer is my GO to app - it's free too! Log daily diet, exercise, biometrics and more all from your phone: DOWNLOAD THE APP


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