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Le Roi Du Sang (English Edition)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This book contains adult content. Please be advised.
This book is 452 pages long.


Alexandre Marseille was born during the Hundred Year War in France, a member of the royal House of Valois. His parents, both ruthless underworld monarchs, instilled endurance in their children above all else. Yet, while most of his family perished over time, he remained a survivor. For a 400-year-old vampire, staying in power has its share of challenges. Alexandre has now established his empire in New York City, living an opulent life and running a successful law firm. But his ultimate goal is one alone: to find his soulmate, his bestowed Blood Queen. Once he sets eyes on Venus Anderson, Professor of Art History, he will stop at nothing to get her, and the relentless, sensual pursuit begins.

Venus Margaret Anderson remembers vividly what it was like to be human. To smell the yellow Jessamine flowers and feel the warm sun on her flesh in the South Carolina heat. But being human sometimes meant she wasn’t treated humanely at all … for Venus once lived as a slave, on a plantation owned by a cruel master. Until the day she made her escape to freedom, changing her destiny forever…

The two twisted soulmates are bitten from the same bloody cloth, but it will take all the demons of Hell and all the prayers in Heaven to convince Venus that Alexandre is not always the ruthless monster he appears to be. Separate, they are forces to be reckoned with; together, they are an explosive power couple destined to leave an indelible, blood-stained mark upon the world. But, with all good things, there are those who wait in the shadows, working their black magic to drain and destroy this love at the onset, casket officially closed…

Will Venus step into her destiny and become the Reine Du Sang she was born twice to be? Will Alexandre Marseille prove to her he is capable of love, and that he can provide the sacrifice, training, and protection she so desperately deserves? Turn the pages of this bloody, hell-bound book to find out!

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